Who We Are

Who We Are

Rock Solid Service and Rock Solid Relationships

Rock Solid is more than a name for us, it is our guiding principle.

Rock Solid Civil LLC was founded in 2009 in Boise, Idaho by Jim E. Coslett, P.E. A full service Civil Engineering firm, we specialize in land development services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

We are Rock Solid in the services we provide, the relationships we cultivate and the sustainability of our designs. So we came by the name naturally!

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson

Rock Solid Civil’s Goal

Rock Solid Civil continues to seek opportunities to broaden its capabilities with the aim of creating more jobs in Idaho and deliver quality engineering to improve the communities we all enjoy.

A small rock holds back a great wave.

Our Rock Solid Foundation

At Rock Solid Civil, we strive to create an environment where people want to come to work. We encourage our employees to achieve outstanding results while maintaining active personal lives.

Our employees add tremendous value to our company. They’re not interchangeable—each person is an integral part of our Rock Solid foundation.

You must immerse yourself in as much self development information as possible in order to build a rock solid belief structure.
John Di Lemme

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